Sunday, April 1st 2018 - Introducing DerekCoin

Introducing DerekCoin - the only virtual currency guaranteed to always go up in value.

How is it guaranteed to always go up in value?
Simple. The first DerekCoin costs one dollar. The second one will cost two dollars. And so on.

So, I should buy one right now?
Buy ten! The price will never be this low again. If you don't buy this, someone else will. What if a million people buy them before you and you have to pay a million bucks? You'll wish you got in on the ground floor, that's what.

Does this use blockchain?
We're working on that. I told Adrian to figure out what blockchain is and how to get one for free. Once he figures that out, we're implementing it.

Do I get a physical coin if I buy this?
Of course not. It's virtual currency. I keep a little journal that lists who owns which one.

What kind of security does DerekCoin have?
I've got a lock on the journal.

Can I exchange DerekCoin for hamburgers?
Certainly! If you can find someone who'll trade you. Just tell me so I can update my journal. I'm not going to stop you.

Will you take DerekCoin in exchange for hamburgers?
Currently Derek's Delivery Service is a cash-only business and does not accept DerekCoin.

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