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Adrian101Adrian's Butt Monkey Moments1Advice9
Amused1Amy Rose3Angelic Layer2
anger2Angry48Anime Logic1
Anime reference16Anna13Anniversary1
Annoyed16Apology Fail1arrogant1
Ask a Character30Assumption1Aunty Joy1
Aversion2Avery91Avery's View1
Averyvision1Aw Yeah Shakespeare1Awake1
Awkward3Awkward Moment1Back In Business1
Backfire3Bad Poker Face1Bail1
Ballsy1Banter2Basic Math1
Batman1Battle of Wills1Bed15
Bed Head1Berney1Best Laid Plans1
Birthday4Bizarre Parenting1Blanket1
Blue Room1blush14Body Pillow1
Boobs! The Anime1Booze1Boxes1
Break In1Breaking Point1Bribe1
Brisbane11Business1Cafe & Books1
Cafe and Books10Cake Flavored Cake3Called Out1
Car1Cash In1Cassandra97
Caught4Cerise11Cerise Sass1
Character Development3Charles7Chase1
Cheshire Smile1Chip-Ums1Christmas16
Classic1Clever Girl1Close Enough For Jazz1
confused1Confusion1Conning the Con-Artist2
Destined Meeting1Destruction1Devious plan1
Devlin2Dirty Mind1Disappearing Act1
Do No Evil1Do The Math1Dog with a Doggy Bag1
dollar1Don't mess with the time space continuum1Drama1
Dress1Dressed Up1Drool1
Drunk1Duke17Duke Reasoning1
Embarassed2Embarrassed6Emergency Exit2
Emergency Texting1Escape Plan6Eternal Justice!1
Evil Plan24Evilish Plan1Exasperation1
Excuses1Face Palm1Falco5
Family Portrait2Family Resemblance1Famous Last Words1
Fan Fiction1fantasizing1Favor3
FBAO11Fear1Fear The Twix Beard1
Fire Bert Whiskey1Fluffed Tail1Frazzled1
Freaking Out1Free Time1Friendship is Awesome!1
Frustration4Fun1Fun Raiser1
gaming2Get Rich Quick Scheme14Giving In1
Gobi Dessert11Going Straight to Youtube1Gokusen2
Grossed Out2Grounded1Growing up1
Hannah9Happy10Happy Canine Tail1
Happy Holidays From N&D1Happy New Year2Headache1
Hesitation2Holiday Jumper1Hoodie4
I Can Has Cheeseburger1I Don't Think That Means What You Think It Means2I Will Shank You1
If you can't say something nice...2Ily the Otter1Impressed2
Inner Reflections1Insightful3It's a trap!1
It's Cosplay1Japanese Television Reference2Jealous3
Jump Scare1Katelyn36Kevin2
Kharma1Kill La Kill5Kimberly12
Kindness2Kiss1Knights & Things1
Last Minute Wrapping Rage1Leaving in a Huff1Legal mumbo jumbo1
Lesser of Two Evils1Letter Jacket1Level Up1
Liar2Life Lessons1Lights1
like daughter.1Like mother1Like mother like daughter.1
Liquid Love1Lizardmen1Logic13
Long Con1Longshot Fail1Loophole1
Lying1magic1Magic Rectangles1
magic room1Magical Girl Favors1Magical Girls Assemble1
Magical Rectangles4Mall2Manga Reference1
Master Manipulator1Mastermind Derek4Math is Okay1
Matt2Megan Smith1Mess1
Mike Burgerbarn4Miss Fluffy123missing the point1
Mistletoe1Misunderstanding6Miya Mew with Summer uniform4
Money1Mostly Harmless1Moving Folders1
Mr Miller1Mrs Rockwell2Mrs. Rockwell9
Ms Caley2Ms Rockwell11Ms. Caley7
Mug Conspiracy4Mutually Assured Destruction2Mystic Rectangles2
N&D Asks33n00b6Negotiation1
Nervous5New Character17Nicole196
No Free Lunch1No Good Reason1Noragami1
Not Going to Plan1Not Impressed2Not quite revenge1
Notes1Now he gets it.1Obsessive1
Oh no.1One Step At A Time1Order1
Pajamas1Panic34Parental Embarrassment1
Parting Shot1Paths within Paths3Perceptive1
Pho It Up!4Plan2Plan Fail7
Playing Hard To Get1Pleased1Point1
Point to Derek1Pokemon1Poofed Tail2
Post Office3Poster1Present1
Princess Jellyfish1Princess Shelby Moment1Probability for Failure1
Problem Solved1Punishment1Purple Cat1
Purple Rabbit1Pushing his luck1Rage1
Rain1Rattled1Raw Deal1
Realization2Realm of Lunacy1Refunds2
Regrets5Relationship Advice1Relationship Talks2
Sandwich2Sankarea1Sankarea Cosplay1
Sass1Sassy Tipper.1Scalawag in Crime1
Scout Out1Settling Debts1Shelby120
Shelby Moment26Shelby's Magic Throne1Shelby's Magical Throne1
Sidebar1Silver Tongue6Sketch Week5
Slime Bait1Smart Phone2Smooth...1
Sonic3Spelling Error1Spring Break5
Stalking1Startled1Status Quo1
Step 4: Profit!1Strangely Logical1Stress2
Success2Suck Vac1Suffer the Consequences1
Sup Beer1Super Books N Beer Bros1Surprise4
Surprisingly Dark1Suspicion3Sweat1
sweating2tail poof1Tail twitch1
Team Trifecta5Tearjerker2Tears2
Telford1Tenuous Team Alliance5Tera4
Text1Texting16The Albino Did It2
The Blue Room14The Power of Love1The Truth Comes Out1
Time Travel1Timeline 42D1Tiny Fang5
Tiny Heart4Tipper16Tired1
To the Dorpes House We Go1Tree1Troublesome1
Trying to Adapt2Turning Point1Twix1
UFO Romance4Uncomfortable1Undercutting1
Understanding1Unhappy Customers1Unimpressed1
Unintended Consequences1Unreasonable Expectations1Up All Night1
Witch1Witty Comeback1Woman Up1
Worried1Worry12XTREM CAR!1
Ye Olde X-Mas Booze1Yeah Shakespeare1You were saying?1
You're Not You When You're Hungry1

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