About Nicole and Derek

Nicole and Derek is a slice-of-life story about a couple of high-school kids, including Nicole Adams and Derek O'Donnell. It updates three days a week.

It is a standalone sequel to both You Say it First and Namir Deiter.

So, what is this comic about?

Derek thinks he's more clever than anyone else here (he isn't. usually). He usually has a scheme to come out a few bucks ahead by the end of the day, and if that means someone else comes out a few bucks behind, that's just how life goes. He's (more-or-less) assisted by his best friend Adrian and his cousin Cerise.


  • advantage: book-smart
  • disadvantage: weak of personality
  • complication: crush on Nicole, dating Shelby


  • advantage: advantage: (two years) older and wiser
  • disadvantage: hasn't met these people and lacks the context to understand them

Shelby says she's a magical girl (she isn't...right?). She does things for magical girl reasons and it usually works out for the best, maybe? Her hobbies include saving the school and not explaining how she's saving the school. She is assisted (if you can call it that) by her friends Avery and Cassandra.


  • advantage: determined
  • disadvantage: unlucky
  • complication: serious crush on Derek


  • advantage: observant
  • disadvantage: unmotivated
  • complication: snarky

Miss Fluffy is the self-appointed enforcer of the law, in a system that prefers peace to justice. She's out to make sure Derek and Shelby obey school rules, even if the school won't. She is usually assisted by Duke, when he shows up.


  • advantage: normal
  • disadvantage: normal
  • complication: normal
Nicole Adams just moved here from overseas and is trying to get along with all of them. Nobody is helping her, which makes this impossible task just a little easier.

Most of the storylines stand on their own; if you start at the beginning of a chapter, you should be able to follow along.

I haven't read Namir Deiter or You Say it First? Are we still cool?
We're cool. You don't need to read our other comics to follow this one. We're not going to try real hard to talk you out of reading them, but they're optional. If you want to read them that'd be awesome of you and we hope you enjoy it. But those are separate stories that share some characters with this one.

How do all these comics fit together?

Namir Deiter - Features Derek, Adrian, Cerise, Daisy, and their parents. Mainly their parents. In continuity.
You Say it First - Features Nicole's parents, grandparents, and their company. In continuity.
Unlike Minerva - How Nicole's parents first met. Technically in continuity, but very unlikely to be relevant.
Grover Hills - Rue's college years. Available at our subscription site. In continuity, but not likely to be relevant.
100% Cat - The first appearance of Shelby, Avery, and Cassandra. Not a part of the Nicole & Derek continuity.
The NDU - Alternate universe featuring characters from Namir Deiter, You Say it First, and Spare Parts. Not a part of the Nicole & Derek continuity.
Wonderkittens - Not a part of the Nicole & Derek continuity. Wonderkittens isn't even part of Wonderkittens continuity, most days.

How much time has passed between the end of Namir Deiter and the beginning of Nicole and Derek?
About fifteen years for Namir Deiter. Twenty-five years for You Say it First. All series are set, more or less, in the present. The timeline, perhaps, does not always add up if you sit down and think about it too hard.

When will [character] show up?
When the time is right.

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