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Chapter 25

What are your new years resolutions?
Chapter 26

Falco keeps using Adrian's computer to play video games.
Chapter 27

Derek just wants Miss Fluffy to stop busting him for selling off-campus food.
Chapter 28

Nicole and Derek visit a bar.
Chapter 29

What did you do for Spring Break?
Chapter 30

Nicole has a talk with Daisy about JJ. JJ has a talk with some girls about a boy.
Chapter 31

Katelyn tries to get relationship advice from Derek.
Chapter 32

What games are you playing?
Chapter 33

There's a dance happening and Nicole wants Blondie to ask her out.
Chapter 34

Derek teaches Katelyn how to play FBAO.
Chapter 35

Katelyn plays FBAO with her friends.
Chapter 36

in which we learn a little about this blond fellow.
Chapter 37

Reader questions!
Chapter 38

Avery has plans to get Derek to the dance. Multiple incompatible plans.
Chapter 39

Nicole almost gets a straight answer out of Shelby.
Chapter 40

Nicole gets relationship advice from aunt Sofia.
Chapter 41

Derek gets relationship advice from his dad, Charles.
Chapter 42

Tipper and Charles try to get to the bottom of Derek's personal life
Chapter 43

What will you be wearing to the spring dance?
Chapter 44

Cerise tries to get to the bottom of Derek's personal life
Chapter 45

Word on the street is that JJ is coming.
Chapter 46

Derek is selling corsages.
Chapter 47

Avery has her own plan to get Derek to the dance. And JJ has entirely different plans.

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