Friday, June 19th 2015 - [49]Group Project (19 of 85)
Miss Fluffy
Friendship is Awesome!


06.14.2015 - Terrence Marks:
We've got comments on the comics, over at If you want to talk about the individual comics, that's the best place to do it! We've still got the forums, which are the other best place to talk about the comics. If you're reading this from NamirDeiter, it'd be cool if you updated your bookmarks. New stuff - like the updated cast page - will be over at

Also, as some of you have noticed, we're not posting the comic to Facebook anymore. We've got a few reasons for that; the people who ran our auto-posting app aren't in that line of work any more. Facebook delivers the links its algorithms think are most likely to interest you; as such it's not a substitute for an RSS feed and we can't count on it to give a reader all the updates - and we think that randomly skipping pages doesn't make for good reading in any book. In the meantime, if you want to follow the comics you can come back here every update day (and we'll be keeping things five days a week as long as we can), follow the official twitter, or watch our RSS feed.

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