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02.12.2016 - Terrence Marks:
Things I have enjoyed recently:
Lolita Nation - Game Theory's masterpiece is back in print after decades. I'm not good at describing music, so I'm just gonig to say that it's 80s indie rock and the points of comparison I keep hearing are Todd Rundgren, REM, and Big Star. It is its own thing and we are on the internet, so here's two songs from it.

The Beginner's Guide - From Davey Wreden, the creator of The Stanley Parable. Our narrator, Davey Wreden has a friend, Coda, who used to make these abstract challenge-free games. Then Coda stopped. And now Davey is showing you these games, in an effort to find Coda and explain why the games meant to much to him. It's about the relationship between creator and audience.

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