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06.05.2019 - Isabel Marks:

So as some of you all might know, I write and draw another comic, Apartment for Two. It's a side project of mine along the lines of my other semi-semi- (very semi)-autobiographical comic Wonder Kittens (not giving it a linking to as it's just sort of... there. Not really done, but not getting any more updates). As it's a side project, it doesn't get enough love from me. I tried changing up the format a bit by making the comics have story lines instead of one-shots. That was kind of a problem... after writing that up, I went through a bit of writer's block (thank goodness N&D is written by Terrence, think of the months-long hiatus that comic would go through if I wrote it). I wrote out some one shots, but I didn't want to go right back to them after making this change. I wanted to write a bigger arc, which I have started... unfortunately it's still at the "just started" stage of things... there are three (I think three, maybe more or less, it's been a while since I've read them) that either have a lot of notes or the middle or ends written out (I'm really bad at starting things... kind of ironic, considering the amount of comics I've stopped and started over the years).

TLDR, Scripts for more A42 are in the works that are story lines... but expect some one-shots here and there. Feeling a little defeated and relived, as it's better to go forward than to be the idiot that I know I am over this.

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