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12.10.2019 - Isabel Marks:
Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! A quick update on the Holiday cards, the cards (which will be single sided this year) are sent off to the printers. Thursday is looking like the day they will be shipped out. This has been a trying year for us, which was a huge reason why I completely blanked on getting the cards made at an earlier date. It's all on me, sorry guys. Hopefully I can do a little something special for the .net crowd this year (assuming I don't have art related anxiety/ writers and or drawing block).

On another note, we're going to doing some N&D Asks this year for the Holidays/New Years. If you have a question, please send it to ask@nicoleandderek.com.

Hope you are all keeping safe and warm out there! The weather out here has been a bit colder than we're used to, but we'll get by. Talk at you all later!

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