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...what.1100 Percent Dog113igDerek15
5-a-Day190's Reference1A Parent Knows1
A Plan In The Making1Accidental1Acquired Taste1
Adorable1Adrian186Adrian's Butt Monkey Moments1
Amber2ambidextrous5Amoeba Xing1
Amused2Amy Rose3Anabelle1
Angelic Layer2anger2Angry129
Angry Mob1Angy1Anime Logic1
Anime reference22Anna20Annabelle22
Apology2Apology Fail1April Fool’s1
April Fools1Arguing1Argument3
Ask a Character56Ask a Stupid Question1Asking for Trouble1
Aunty Joy1Aversion2Avery221
avery pie asks1Avery's View1Averyvision1
avoid plan B1Aw Yeah Shakespeare1Awake1
Awkward6Awkward Moment1Aww2
Baby Nicole1Back In Business1Back to Business2
Back to Reality1Backfire5Backstory1
Bad Advice1Bad day1Bad Luck1
Bad Poker Face1Bail1Bailed Out1
Basic Math1Basketball1Bat1
Batman1Battle of Wills1Be Nice1
Best Laid Plan1Best Laid Plans1Bickering1
Bizarre Parenting1Blanket1BLOCKHEAD!1
Blue Money1Blue Mouse1Blue Room1
blushing1Body Pillow1Boobs! The Anime1
Booze1Boxes1Brants and the Bees1
Breach of Protocal1Break In1Breaking Point1
Brick joke1Brickjoke1Brisbane17
Brotherly Advice6Bug Bomb1Bunny Slime2
Burger Barn1Bushes1Business1
Business Agreement2Business Date2Business Decision2
Business Sense5Cafe & Books1Cafe and Books15
Cake Flavored Cake4Called Out1Cameo1
Cameo outfit1Captain Derek!1Car1
Careless1Caring1Cash In1
Cassandra175Cassie1Cat Stuck In a Tree2
Caught5cedric3Cell Phone1
Cerise34Cerise Sass1Character Building2
Character Development3Character Sketch6Charles32
Chase1Cheap Shot1Cheers1
Cheshire Smile2Chicken and Egg1Chip-Ums1
Christmas19Christmas Tree1Chuck Norris1
Classic1clean lines1Clever Girl1
Close Enough For Jazz1Clueless14Coaster1
Cold Reading1Collision1Comeback1
Comedic Timing1Common Sense4Complicated2
Confusion1Conning the Con-Artist2Conspiracy Board1
Cookies1Correcting Posters1Costume2
Courage3Cover Up1Crappy Cryptic Advice1
Crazy Eyes1Credit12Creepy1
Cuteness Personified4Cutting Your Losses1Daisy43
David1Death by Tipper1Death Glare1
Deja Vu4Delay1Denial3
DerekCoin1Destined Meeting1Destruction1
Determination3Determined1Devious plan1
Devlin2Dick move man1Dilemma2
Dimension 7A1Dimension N241Dirty Mind1
Disappearing Act1Disappointed3Disbelief1
Discovered1Distraction1Do No Evil1
Do The Math1Doctor Cutter1Dodging a Bullet1
Dodging the Subject1Dog with a Doggy Bag1Doing Something Stupid1
Doll1dollar1Don't mess with the time space continuum1
Doony's7Dorpe Flowers Plus1Drama1
Dramatic Entrance!1Draw Agro1Dress1
Dressed to Impress2Dressed Up1Drool1
Drop The Shovel4Drunk2DS1
Duke25Duke Reasoning1DukeD1
Emergency Exit5Emergency Texting1Entered On the Wrong Cue1
Escape2Escape Plan9ESCAPE!8
Eternal Justice!1Evil Plan48Evilish Plan1
Exposition1Eye Patch1Eye-patch3
Face Palm3Facepalm4Fake Out1
Falco10Family Portrait2Family Resemblance1
Family Time2Family Weirdness1Famous Last Words1
Fan Fiction1Fanfic1fantasizing1
Faux Pas2Favor3FBAO25
Fear8Fear the Beard1Fear The Twix Beard1
Feeling Old1Fight3Final Battle Adventure On-line5
Final Form Shelby1Fire Bert Whiskey1First Impressions1
Flaw in the Plan2Flawed Logic1Floating Heart3
Flower Background1Fluffed Tail2Fluffster1
Fluffy the Dreaded4Flustered2FLY YOU FOOLS1
Foiled Again1Food Nap Time1Foreshadowing1
Forever Alone1Forgetful1Found The One1
Frazzled3Freak Out1Freaking Out1
Free Time1Friendly Fire1Friendship3
Friendship is Awesome!1Frustration4Fun1
Fun Raiser1GAH TEETH!1Game of Thongs2
gaming2Gas1Get a Room1
Get Rich Quick Scheme14Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter1Gibberish1
Giggle1Giving In1Gluttony1
Go Against the Flow2Gobi Dessert11Going Straight to Youtube1
Gokusen2Good Boy Trophy1Good Luck1
Good Points of Tipper O'Donnel1Grilled1Grossed Out2
Grounded1Growing up1Grumpy4
Hannah12Happy28Happy Canine Tail1
Happy Holidays From N&D1Happy Kitty Face3Happy New Year2
He has a point1He's Not Joking1Headache1
Heartbreak1Heartwarming4Heavy Sigh3
Heavy Words1Heidi3Hell Hath No Fury1
Hell Hath No Fury...4Help2Her little world just got rocked9
Here I Come to Save the Day!1Hesitation2HIM1
Hinting1Hippedown Currency2Hold My Drink1
Holiday2Holiday Jumper1Hollowneed2
Horrible Timing1Horrifying1Horror Incarnate1
Hostile Takeover1Hoy1I Can Has Cheeseburger1
I Can't Believe That Worked1I Don't Think That Means What You Think It Means2I don?t think it means what you think it means1
I heart GMs1I Will Shank You1I'd Ship It1
Ice Pack1If you can't say something nice...2Ignored1
Illogical Logic1Ily the Otter1Immortal1
Impressed2Improvised1Incoming Karma1
Informant1Inner Reflections1Innuendo1
Internet Troubles1Interrogation1Invitation1
Irony1It Happened Around Namir Deiter 13873It's a trap!1
It's Complicated1It's Cosplay1It's not that kind of party1
J. J.1Jack8Japanese Television Reference2
Jaws Theme1Jealous4Jealousy2
Joy31Jump Scare1Just Business1
Keeping Secrets1Kevin9Kharma1
Kill La Kill5Kimberly27Kindness3
King Bunny Slime2Kiss7Knights & Things1
Lack of Tact1Last Minute2Last Minute Wrapping Rage1
Laugh1Leaving in a Huff1LEERO JEEEENNNNKINS1
Leftovers1Legal mumbo jumbo1Leopard Print Leopard1
Lesser of Two Evils1Letter Jacket1Level Up1
Liar4Lies like a Rug1Life Lessons1
Lights1Like Aunt Like Niece1like daughter.1
Like mother1Like Mother Like Daughter3Litter1
Little Red Dress1Lizardmen1Lobsterholic1
Locker2Logic18Logic to the Illogical1
Logic vs Emotion3Long Con1Longshot Fail1
Loophole1Lose the Battle1Love2
Lucky 7771Lying1magic1
Magic Rectangles1magic room1Magical Girl Favors1
Magical Girl Plan5Magical Girl Pose1Magical Girls Assemble1
Magical princess Shelby18Magical Rectangles24Magical Rectangles Disruption8
MagicFairyPrincess8major time skip1Mall2
Man Stuff1Manga Reference1Martial Arts1
Marvel Os1Marvel-O’s1Master Manipulator1
Mastermind Derek6Math Club3Math is Okay1
Matt7May the 4th1Meanwhile2
Meddling Parents1Megan Smith1Memes1
Mess1Meta1Method Acting2
Mew1Mike Burgerbarn4Mind Reading1
Miscommunication1Miss Fluffy200Missed Opportunity1
missing the point2Mistletoe1Misunderestanding1
Misunderstanding9Miya Mew2Miya Mew with Summer uniform4
Mooch1Mood Swings1More to life1
Mostly Harmless1Moving Folders1Mr Miller1
Mr. Adams5Mrs Rockwell2Mrs. Adams2
Mrs. Namir2Mrs. Rockwell12Ms Caley1
Ms Rockwell8Ms. Caley16Ms. Rockwell6
Ms. Telford1Mug Conspiracy4Mutually Assured Destruction2
Mystery1Mystic Rectangles2N&D Asks59
n00b6Namir Deiter Callback1Nat1
New Character20New Charater1Nicole430
Nina1No Free Lunch1No Good Can Come Of This1
No Good Reason1No Refunds1No...just no1
Nom1Noob1Noob Zone1
Nosy Parent1Not Going to Plan1Not Impressed2
Not Listening1Not quite revenge1Not That Kind Of Information1
Not that!1Not the Library1Notes1
Now he gets it.1O'Donnell2Oblivious1
Obsessive1Ode to Joy1Office assistant1
OH GOD...1Oh no.1On Principle1
One Hair Away1one of THOSE nights2One Step At A Time1
Open Mouth Insert Foot2Optimism5Order1
OUCH!2Ouran High School Host Club1Outburst1
Pajamas3Pancakes1Pancakes Revenge1
Panel 31Panel Bleed3Panic66
Paranoid1Parental Embarrassment1Parenting1
Parting Shot1Partnership1Paths within Paths3
PDA3Peanut Gallery1Penguin Poster1
Pho It Up!4phone1Pictures1
Pirate1Pirates Ahoy!2Plan3
Plan Fail7Planning1Play Nice1
Playing Hard To Get1Pleased1Pocky1
Point2Point to Derek1Pokemon3
Pokemon Card1Pokemon Go1Poofed Tail2
Poor planning1Poor Unfortunate Souls1Post Office3
Poster1Praise the Beard1Prank2
Present1Princess Jellyfish1Princess Shelby Moment16
Principal Telford1pro-wrestling1Probability for Failure1
Problem Solved1Problem Solver1Procrastination4
Professional Wrestling2Progression of Anger1Proud1
Punishment1Purple Cat2Purple Rabbit1
Rain1Rattled1Raw Deal1
Realization7Realm of Lunacy1Reasoning1
Rectangle JuJu1Refund2Refunds2
Relationship Advice1Relationship Talks2Relief1
Research1Return of the Hoy1Revelation2
Revenge2Reverse Psychology1Ribbons1
rick astley outfit1Ricky34Right Hook1
Right Jab1Robe1Rockwell1
Rogue Agent1Romance is Dead1Roped in1
Run Away2RUN!1Sad28
Sankarea Cosplay1Santa Suit1Sarcasm1
Sass1Sassy Tipper.1Savior2
Savy2Say Nothing1Scalawag in Crime1
Scary1School1Scout Out1
Sea Dreams Reference3Self-Righteous1Settling Debts1
Sharp Dressed Man1She Speaks1She's her mother's daughter alright1
Shelby249Shelby Moment64Shelby's Magic Throne1
Shelby's Magical Throne1Ship It Like Fed Ex6Shipping Like Fed Ex1
Shot Down4Shout1Shouting2
Sidebar1Silver Tongue6SilverBlossom2
Skeptical1Sketch7Sketch Week8
Sliders Needed1slime2Slime Bait1
Slime Bunnies1Slimes1Smart Phone16
Smooth Like Rocky Road1Smooth...1Smug18
So Close Yet So Far1So?1Sofia7
Someone's Little World Just Got Rocked1Sonic3Spelling Error1
Spring Break5Spring Dane1springs?1
Spy Fantasy1Stage Zero1Stalking7
Starry-Eyed6Start of Something1Startled1
Status Quo1Stay Down1Step 4: Profit!1
Step-mom1Steven Universe4Stick to the Plan1
Storytime1Strangely Logical1Strategy1
Stress2Stubborn4Subject Change1
Success2Suck Vac1Suffer the Consequences1
Sulking1Sup Beer1Super Books N Beer Bros1
Super Hero1Surprise9Surprised1
Surprisingly Dark1Suspicion4Suspicious1
Sweat1sweating3Sweating Bullets3
tail poof24Tail twitch1Tail Wag2
Takes after his father1Taking a Shot1Taking A Stand4
Team Trifecta5Tearjerker2Tears12
Telford1Tenuous Team Alliance5Tera4
Thanksgiving5That Bat Has Claimed Countless Lives1That Time We Were All Dogs1
That's kind of important!1That's my brother!1That's Not A Good Sound1
The Albino Did It2the Anti-Frankenstein Equation2The Beginning1
The Blue Room17The courage to get back up1The Devil Has Bunny Ears1
The Difference Between Couldn't and Shouldn't1The good kind of crazy1The Mischief Man8
The Power of Love1The Search Continues1The Student Has Become the Master1
The Tail Gives It Away1The Trust Thing Came With Time1The Truth Comes Out1
thin lines1Things Not Going to Plan1This Is Not The Cat You Are Looking For1
Threat2Threats1Thumb Lock1
Time Travel3Timeline 42D1Tiny Fang12
Tiny Heart10Tiny Sparkles1Tiny Star1
To the Dorpes House We Go1Tom2Tree2
Troublesome1truth1Trying to Adapt2
Trying to Make It Work1Turning Point1tutor1
Typical Brisbane1UFO Romance5Ulterior Motive1
Understanding1Unhappy1Unhappy Customers1
Unimpressed1Unintended Consequences1Unlike Minerva1
Unlike Minerva Reference1Unreasonable Expectations1Unwise1
Up All Night1Uptight1Victory1
Violence6Violent Nature2Voice of Reason3
Waffles1Wait what!?1Wait!1
Welcome to the Grind1Well Done Young Grasshopper1WereSlime Bunnies2
Wistful1Witch1Witty Comeback1
Woman Scorned1Woman Up1Wonderkittens1
Worked Up1Worried2Worry41
Wounds1Wrestling Move1Wrong Breakfast1
XTREM CAR!1Ye Olde X-Mas Booze1Yeah Shakespeare1
You Have No Idea1You keep using that word3You were saying?1
You're Not You When You're Hungry1Your Overconfidence is Your Weakness1

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