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Chapter 6

What's your New Years Resolution?
Chapter 7

Shelby has a boyfriend. Avery and Cassandra don't.
Chapter 8

Someone is messing with the cafeteria menu, and Miss Fluffy isn't going to put up with it.
Chapter 9

Reader questions!
Chapter 10

Nicole has ten dollars and needs to buy a twelve dollar book
Chapter 11

Derek challenges Shelby to a video game showdown.
Chapter 12

What did you do for your last birthday?
Chapter 13

Katelyn's friends are over. But Derek invited Adrian over, and Katelyn has her own ideas about that.
Chapter 14

Shelby needs a copy of Macbeth for school. Also, meet JJ.
Chapter 15

Avery wants a boy band's secret cassingle, but Shelby doesn't want to let her skip school to get it.
Chapter 16

JJ takes Derek's money and he has to borrow to make ends meet.
Chapter 17

Katelyn got a letter. From a boy.
Chapter 18

More reader questions!
Chapter 19

Nicole and Adrian meet in a post office and talk about relationships.
Chapter 20

Nicole tries to write a letter to her old friends back in Hippedown.
Chapter 21

Discover Derek's secret way to make money with this one weird mug! Principals hate him!
Chapter 22

What are your Holiday plans?
Chapter 23

Catching up with the Namir Deiter crew
Chapter 24

Derek needs some things from the mall. So he asks Katelyn to buy them.

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